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Metal Led Lamp


The most effective way to represent your brand.

Unique brand experience

25% uplift on future order target.

TIH has crafted an atmospheric stage for each brand with a field of new possibilities and visually inspiring digital presence

Increase in sales

75% of sales leader find innovative digital sales models "as effective" or more compared to tradition ones.

Our Digital Showroom features and order management system supports buyers throughout their journey making purchasing process easier and faster.

Customized service

33,3% of B2B furniture industry buyers are demanding personalised product catalogs and functionality of existing web stores.

Every user has his own account, opportunity to customize products and communicate through it directly with our managers to find an appropriate solution easily.

Sustainable and efficient

Physical samples are reduced by 65%.

Lower dependency on physical samples and showroom offices, reduction of water & air pollution, waste and carbon footprint with the help of our digital solution.

Interior design
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